1. Regrets
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Written, arranged and performed by Scott Watson

Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Donnelly at Jampottt Recordings, Middlesbrough.

Featured on the BBC Introducing MIXTAPE and played on BBC6 in June 2016.


Okay, I took risks that didn’t pay off.
I loved a country that didn’t love me in return.
But when I went there, I didn’t have anything.
Not being funny - but I made money.
And when the war came it was my name that kept the place clean.

Regrets? I’ve more than Sinatra’s few.
But when the law of the street is take or be taken what are you supposed to do?
Regrets? I’ve one or two.
I never liked the taste of defeat and I made sure everybody knew...

I pinned my hopes on things that didn’t happen.
I trusted people - and a lot of them let me down.
Went to places I shouldn’t have ever been.
Mixed with rascals and common criminals - and the sort of women my mother warned me all about.

Regrets? I’ve one or two.
I was never convicted of murder.
But it’s still on my list of things to do.
Regrets? They kinda make me feel blue.
But when you have a face like this one, I suppose you’re going to.

They called me Lucky.
They called me Lucky.
They called me Lucky.
They called me Lucky.
Only because I survived a beating that would have finished most people off!

Okay, in jail I spent far too much time feeling sorry for myself.
I blamed other people for my failiures as a human being.
This glass was always half empty when it should have been half full.
I had incredible parents.
And wonderful friends but didn’t fully appreciate either.

Regrets? I’ve more than Sinatra’s few.
If I could sing I’d ha' been on Broadway.
But you stick to what you do.
Regrets? I’ve one or two.
But when you started out with nothing, nothing really bothers you.

Regrets? I’ve a hundred ’n’ two.
Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.
But it’s never good to you.
Regrets - I’m sure you have ‘em too.
It’s just I have far too many and it’s with regret I do.
Regret - sometimes it’s all I do.
But the biggest one of all is that I didn’t end my days with you.

(c) Scott Watson 2016